Is Dracula’s Tomb in Italy?

Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino reports that two university researchers from Estonia claim they’ve found the tomb of Vlad the Impaler,and that it’s in Italy.

Count Vlad Teppes, also known as Dracula, was the inspiration for Bram Stokers’ fictional vampire tale by the same name…

Count Vlad Teppes

Vlad The Impaler

Vlad’s father was known as “Dracul” meaning “Dragon.” Vlad was known as “Dracula” meaning “son of Dragon.”

Estonian researchers, brothers Giandomenico and Raffaello Glinni, told the The Daily Mail that Vlad did not die in battle but was instead taken prisoner by the Turks

They say his daughter in Italy paid ransom to have him freed, and then he joined her in Naples

The researchers claim to have documentary evidence that led them to a tombstone with markings that confirm their theory…

Medieval history scholar Raffaello Glinni said that the 16th century tomb is covered in images and symbols of the House of the Transylvanian ‘Carpathians’, not in keeping with the tomb of an Italian nobleman…

“When you look at the bas-relief sculptures the symbolism is obvious,” he told Neapolitan newspaper Il Mattino…

“The dragon means Dracula and the two opposing sphinxes represent the city of Thebes also called Tepes. In these symbols, Dracula Tepes, the very name of the count is written,” he said…

The researchers have now applied for official permission to investigate the grave…

That tombstone is at the same Naples church graveyard where Vlad’s daughter and son-in-law are known to be buried…


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