Having the right skills is an important part of being considered for a job, but possessing the right personality traits is apparently even more essential.
In digital education company Hyper Island’s recent survey of 500 business leaders in the communication and tech fields, 78 per cent cited ‘personality’ as the most desirable quality in an employee.
And the top traits in this category were found to be ‘driven’, ‘creative’ and ‘open-minded’.
The most important quality after personality, according to the survey, is ‘cultural alignment’, which is explained in the infographic as ‘those who make decisions based on values shared with their organization’.
Fifty-three per cent of respondents cited cultural alignment as the top desirable trait. A person’s skill-set was rated the third most important quality, with just 39 per cent of the vote…

Are you battling with garlic breath?

U.S. researchers have revealed which foods can help eliminate the unpleasant odour of garlic…
They say eating raw apples, lemon juice and, less surprisingly, mint were particularly effective in eliminating the unpleasant mouth odour from eating food containing garlic … According to the study,Green tea, parsley and spinach may also help…


One in four women would happily send a revealing selfie to a potential new partner after a first date. A study of 1,000 women found that many were comfortable exchanging sexy pictures or raunchy text messages with someone they hardly knew. However, 50% said that they would wait at least three months before going make-up free in front of their other half. Among the top ten things women would not do in the first three months of a relationship were book a weekend away or wear mismatching underwear. Half of women admitted that they were nervous about their partner seeing them naked for the first time….